Everybody’s Retro!

This is a mix session I did back in September.
I got some good responses from it, so decided to share it here…Enjoy!

Preview the MiX on MiXCloud!

01. Everybody (Electro Revolution Anthem Mix) – M@d0nn@ [00:00]
02. Into the Nightlife (J0dy D3n Br0d3r Club Mix) – Cynd1 L@up3r [05:30]
03. Faggoty Attention (Gl1tt3r & Gl@m Club Mix) – @d@m J053ph [11:00]
04. Push It (DMC Remix) – S@lt ‘N’ P3p@ [16:27]
05. Handle Me (V00d00 & S3r@n0 Remix) – R0byn [20:22]
06. Don’t Go (2008 Electro Mix) – Y@z00 [25:56]
07. You Belong (K3v1n 5@und3rs0n Mix) – H3rcul35 & L0v3 @ff@1r [30:43]
08. Lovefool (Mr G@5p@r Remix) – The C@rd1g@n5 [34:32]
09. My Other Car Is a Beatle (DJ Jay-R Mash-Up) – L’Tr1mm Vs. the B3@tl35 [38:53]
10. I Love to Move In Here (53@mu5 H@j1 Remix) – M0by [42:43]
11. Breaking It Up (Punk5 Jump Up Remix) – Lykk3 L1 [49:53]
12. Lullaby (P&D Remix Vs. DJ Junior Faria Bootleg) – The Cur3 [55:22]
13. Losing My Religion (Br00klyn @v3nu3 Remix) – R.3.M. [01:02:50]
14. She’s Not Me (DJ Dvir Halevi Remix) – M@d0nn@ [01:09:34]
15. Running UpThat Hill (Matt Mix) – K@t3 Bu5h [01:14:06]

Download Link (Mediafire)


Download Mirrors (Multiupload)


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