Fl33tw00d MiX

This is a mix I made for my friend Cinder, who’s also a contributor here.
He wanted a “dance mix” of Fl33tw00d M@c tunes, so this was my attempt.
I think it came out alright. It’s not strictly a Fl33tw00d M@c mix,
as I threw in a few solo 5t3v13 N1ck5 tracks as well…so Enjoy!

01. Stand Back (D@v3 @ud3 Mix) – 5t3v13 N1ck5
02. Little Lies (@XC Remix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
03. Edge of Seventeen (White Label 2002 Mix) –
5t3v13 N1ck5
04. Dreams (Extended Club Mix) – D33p D15h feat. 5t3v13 N1ck5
05. Sara (Fr@nk13 5h@r@z Vegas Remix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
06. Go Your Own Way (D@v3 @ud3 Ultrasound Remix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
07. Gypsy (DJ T1m @ Club Mix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
08. Planets of the Universe (Tr@cy Y0ung Club Mix) – 5t3v13 N1ck5
09. Gold Dust Woman (DJ T1m @ Draft Club Mix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
10. Everywhere (2005 Remix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
11. Big Love (White Label Vocal Mix) – Fl33tw00d M@c
12. You Make Loving Fun (Trailmix Remix) – Fl33tw00d M@c

Download Link (Mediafire)


Download Mirrors (Multiupload)

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