The Charmed Life (Re-Edited)

Another one from the vaults, I originally did this mix back in March 2008, and still quite like it.
It used to run a bit long, at an hour and 46 minutes, but I recently re-edited it to fit on an 80 minute CD.
So, enjoy the new version!

01 Charmed Life (F0rd Club Mix) – M1ck J@gg3r
02 Kingdom (R@lph1 R05@r10 & J0d1 DB Club Mix) – D@v3 G@h@n
03 Hypnotized (St3v3 M@c Remix) – 53b@5t1@n L3g3r feat. G1@ M3l15h
04 Better World (Th0m@5 G0ld Club Mix) – J1m T0n1qu3 & P@tr1ck Bryz3
05 No One (Divide & Kreate Remix) – @l1c1@ K3y5
06 Like Something 4 Porno (L05t D@z3 Remix) – F3l1x D@ H0u53c@t
07 Jimmy (DJ 3l1 Remix) – M.1.@.
08 I’m A Fire (Extended R3d T0p Mix) – D0nn@ 5umm3r
09 Give It Back (Gr@nt N3l50n Mix) – G@3ll3
10 I’m Coming Out/Mesmerized (Brett Austin Mix) – D1@n@ R055 Vs Fr33m@50n5
11 Far From In Love (0l1v3r 5m1th Late Night Remix) – @b0v3 & B3y0nd
12 Prove Your Love (Original Club Mix) – Gr00v35tyl3rz
13 Be Mine (R0g3r 5@nch3z Remix) – R0byn
14 If I Can’t Have You (D15c0 B0y5 Remix) – The B33 G335
15 Love Has Gone (F0nz3r3ll1 Remix) – D@v3 @rm5tr0ng & R3dr0ch3
16 Don’t Stop Believin (5h00t1ng 5t@r Remix) – J0urn3y Vs D33p35t Blu3
17 Miss You (P@5c@l F.3.0.5. Remix) – Tr3nt3møll3r
18 Feel Together (Vocal Dub) – B3n M@ckl1n

80 Minutes
MiXed by: Blue

Download Link (Mediafire)


Download Mirrors (Multiupload)

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