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The Fool’s Journey

I was inspired by the Tarot–and how the Trump cards illustrate the journey of the Fool. Originally I considered doing a session where each song would correspond to one of the Trumps, but I found it too difficult to find danceable music that fit each archetype…So I decided instead to focus on the Fool himself and his quest for meaning in the world, perhaps enlightenment or God–and realizing in the end, life in itself is meaningful enough.

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01. My Eyes (G@b3 Vocal Mix) – J1mmy V@n M Feat. 5t3v3 T & M@rc M1tch3ll [00:00]
02. Distant Bar (Gutt3r5tylz Vox Mix) – @str1d 5ury@nt0 [07:30]
03. Crocodile (0l1v3r Hunt3m@nn Remix) – Und3rw0rld [16:19]
04. Bedtime Story (D33p D15h Remix) – M@d0nn@ [22:33]
05. A Night In Budapest (Jtv Vocal Mix) – J03 T. V@nn3ll1 Feat. C51ll@ [30:05]
06. House of God (M@rt1n L@nd5ky Remix) – DH5 [37:23]
07. Like a Prayer Vs. Feels Like Home – M@d0nn@ Vs. M3ck Feat. D1n0 [43:55]
08. Take Me To The Sky (D@n15m Mix) – Ju5t1n M1ch@3l & Ph0n1c Funk Feat. M@1y@ [50:11]
09. Something I Can Never Have (Plump DJ’s Remix) – N1n3 1nch N@1l5 [56:51]
10. Reckoner (@b0v3 & B3y0nd Remix) – R@d10h3@d [01:02:07]
11. Feel (Original Mix) – Funk M@5t3r5 [01:10:21]
12. Chasing Pavements (Various Productions Remix) – @d3l3 [01:16:51]

80 Minutes
MiXed by: Blu3

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Used 2 Get Enough

After V-Day… I realized I was still alone, and even though I supposedly have a lover… there is distance between us… I used to have the love of a soulmate, I used to get enough… Eric told me “boy, pain can fuel your creativity.” So I did this session, with some songs from one of our favorite blogs…Enjoy and please leave us comments!

Length: 79:48
Format: 128 kbps
Mixed by: Cinder Van Digweed

01 Jesse McCartney – How Do You Sleep? (Feat. Ludacris) (Rhythmic Remix)
02 Chris Brown – Forever (DJ Dee Soca Mix)
03 Elephant Man Vs – Just Coolie Dance (Dj S Mash)
04 P.Six Vs. Guru Josh Project – Let Me Know (Infinity) (Copycatz Mix)
05 You used to hold me – cinder van digweed tribal mix
06 Ralphie Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (original mix)
07 Belocca, Soneec, Chris Lauer and Canard – Raspberry Mouth (Groovenatics Remix)
08 Kid Cudi – Day N Night (Júnior Faria Remix)
09 Soulsearcher – Cant Get Enough (Henrik B Remix)
10 Greg Cerrone – Taking Control Of You (D.O.N.S. Remix)
11 Jason Rivas – Digital Pray (Angel Manuels Got The Spirit Mix)
12 Tribalism – Drums On Fire (Original Mix)
13 Junior Caldera – The way (Hell Ektrik Remix)
14 Soulsearcher – Cant Get Enough (Hy2rogen Nikola Remix)
15 Liz Kay – You Re Not Alone 2009 (Rush Alone In The
16 Billy Ray Martin-Your Loving Arms (Sidetrax Remix)
17 D.O.N.S. Feat. Terri B. – You Used To Hold Me (Ranny’s Big Room Mix)
18 Ralphie Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (original mix)

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The Wicked MiX

What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you…

o1. R@d10h3@d – Street Spirit (Funk@g3nd@ Remix) [00:00]
o2. @l3x B@r@tt1n1 – Everybody Be Somebody (2009 Extended MiX) [07:09]
o3. Bl@ck B0x – Everyb0dy Everybody (Fuzzy H@1r Remix) [13:39]
o4. D3@dm@us & K@5k@d3 – I Remember (Vocal MiX) [17:16]
o5. @l@n15 M0r1553tt3 – Not As We (DJ Lynw00d Reborn Remix) [26:13]
o6. Mu53 – Starlight (F3rm1n0 MiX) [34:32]
o7. 3r@5ur3 – A Little Respect (@v@nt@r@ Remix) [38:50]
o8. DJ Zy@ feat. T1ff L@c3y – Dreaming (5h3pp@rd N005h & G1r@rd Remix) [44:50]
o9. U.2 – With or Without You (2008 Electric Dream MiX) [52:25]
1o. D3p3ch3 M0d3 – A Question of Time (Gr3g M@y0l Remix) [57:45]
11. 0fr@ H@z@ feat. D@n@ 1nt3rn@t10n@l – Love the Cinquemilla (DJ V1c & Z1v 5h@l1t MiX vs. 3l@d M@gd@5) [01:02:45]
12. 3@rth@ K1tt – I Want To Be Evil (5p3nc3r & H1ll Remix) [01:07:40]
13. Chr15 15@@k – Wicked Game (A1 Remix) [01:12:15]

80 minutes
MiXed by: Blu3

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The Gloss Club Session

This is a session i did a few months ago, when i was invited to spin at a local gaybar/disco…someone told me it was good, so i felt motivated to post it. The session length is just over 2 hours, but it’s been split into 2 parts for those who still burn cds. Thanks to Blu3 for your help. 😉

Length: 60:30 and 64:03 (2 parts)
Mixed by: Cinder Van Digweed

Tracklist Part 1:
001 i feel love dj falk vs CDV Edit remix
002 Ian Oliver feat. Shantel – Bucovina CVD Remix
003 shaggy feat trix and flix – feel the rush – heater CVD edit mix
004 magan and rodiguez – suck my
005 Jean claude ades and vincent thomas – shingaling CVD Edit
006 fedo mora vs camurri – after the rain – CVD Edit remix julien creance
007 no tone ft inusa dawuda – down down down CVD Edit
008 pineapple crew – pretty bitch
009 Magan & Rodriguez – Bora Bora
010 freemasons feat. bailey tzuke – uninvited (CVD club Edit_mix)
011 the rhythm of the night – cinder van digweed extended mix
012 rio – shine on CVD Edit
013 Disturbia (DJ huskey vs CVD FileDream Mix)
014 voko and nonnative – uk stand up (oral tunerz CVD edit remix)
015 elize – hot stuff (CVD club edited mix)

Tracklist Part 2:
016 dons & kadoc – the night train (nick terranova vs CVD edit mix)
017 cuzco feat mc martin de man – rockin (ron vellow mix)
018 tom novy feat. michael marshall – your body (original radio_edit)
019 Ultra Nate – Automatic – Taito Tikaro, J. Louis & Ferran vs CVD Remix
020 Cyndi Lauper – Into The Nightlife (Jody den Broeder VS CVD Edit Club Mix)
021 cuba club – suavemente
022 Bob Sinclar feat. Steve Edwards – Together CVD Remix
023 martin solveig – cest la vie (fedde vs martin CVD club_edit mix)
024 becca – lambada 16 intro CVD edit
025 ida corr_vs. fedde le grand – let me think about it
026 The mitical boys pres melisha – my name is melisha CVD club edit_mix
027 salt ‘n pepa – push it ’99 (klubbheads remix)
028 robyn – be mine (roger sanchez edit)
029 michael mind – show me love
030 Mastiksoul – Jacobino (Original CVD Edit Mix)
031 john revox – ole CVD intro edit
032 gold diaz and young rebels – open sesame (CVD radio_edit)
033 So many men CVD session edition mix
034 1,2,3! Train with me – Playahitty (The Love Train Mix)
035 Frisco & Playahitty – the summer is magic (alex k vs CVD remake remix)
036 kate perry – i kissed a girl CVD Edit
037 Rihanna – take a bow (haji & emanuel remix) 3:24
038 Arsenium – rumadai (groove coverage remix)

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Part 1

Part 2


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