The Wicked MiX

What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you…

o1. R@d10h3@d – Street Spirit (Funk@g3nd@ Remix) [00:00]
o2. @l3x B@r@tt1n1 – Everybody Be Somebody (2009 Extended MiX) [07:09]
o3. Bl@ck B0x – Everyb0dy Everybody (Fuzzy H@1r Remix) [13:39]
o4. D3@dm@us & K@5k@d3 – I Remember (Vocal MiX) [17:16]
o5. @l@n15 M0r1553tt3 – Not As We (DJ Lynw00d Reborn Remix) [26:13]
o6. Mu53 – Starlight (F3rm1n0 MiX) [34:32]
o7. 3r@5ur3 – A Little Respect (@v@nt@r@ Remix) [38:50]
o8. DJ Zy@ feat. T1ff L@c3y – Dreaming (5h3pp@rd N005h & G1r@rd Remix) [44:50]
o9. U.2 – With or Without You (2008 Electric Dream MiX) [52:25]
1o. D3p3ch3 M0d3 – A Question of Time (Gr3g M@y0l Remix) [57:45]
11. 0fr@ H@z@ feat. D@n@ 1nt3rn@t10n@l – Love the Cinquemilla (DJ V1c & Z1v 5h@l1t MiX vs. 3l@d M@gd@5) [01:02:45]
12. 3@rth@ K1tt – I Want To Be Evil (5p3nc3r & H1ll Remix) [01:07:40]
13. Chr15 15@@k – Wicked Game (A1 Remix) [01:12:15]

80 minutes
MiXed by: Blu3

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