The Fool’s Journey

I was inspired by the Tarot–and how the Trump cards illustrate the journey of the Fool. Originally I considered doing a session where each song would correspond to one of the Trumps, but I found it too difficult to find danceable music that fit each archetype…So I decided instead to focus on the Fool himself and his quest for meaning in the world, perhaps enlightenment or God–and realizing in the end, life in itself is meaningful enough.

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01. My Eyes (G@b3 Vocal Mix) – J1mmy V@n M Feat. 5t3v3 T & M@rc M1tch3ll [00:00]
02. Distant Bar (Gutt3r5tylz Vox Mix) – @str1d 5ury@nt0 [07:30]
03. Crocodile (0l1v3r Hunt3m@nn Remix) – Und3rw0rld [16:19]
04. Bedtime Story (D33p D15h Remix) – M@d0nn@ [22:33]
05. A Night In Budapest (Jtv Vocal Mix) – J03 T. V@nn3ll1 Feat. C51ll@ [30:05]
06. House of God (M@rt1n L@nd5ky Remix) – DH5 [37:23]
07. Like a Prayer Vs. Feels Like Home – M@d0nn@ Vs. M3ck Feat. D1n0 [43:55]
08. Take Me To The Sky (D@n15m Mix) – Ju5t1n M1ch@3l & Ph0n1c Funk Feat. M@1y@ [50:11]
09. Something I Can Never Have (Plump DJ’s Remix) – N1n3 1nch N@1l5 [56:51]
10. Reckoner (@b0v3 & B3y0nd Remix) – R@d10h3@d [01:02:07]
11. Feel (Original Mix) – Funk M@5t3r5 [01:10:21]
12. Chasing Pavements (Various Productions Remix) – @d3l3 [01:16:51]

80 Minutes
MiXed by: Blu3

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