CVD – Feeling The Mix

Feeling the Mix
Running time: 80:32
Mixed by: Cinder Van Digweed

01 CRW – I Feel Love
02 J@50n R1v@5T – Deep In My Soul
03 N0vy vs. 5n@p – Rhythm Is a Dancer
04 1d@ 3ngb3rg – Disco Volante
05 @tr0c1t3 feat. Mqu3 – Only You (Original Mix)
06 Yv35 L@r0ck ft. J@b@ – By Your Side
07 TV R0ck ft. Rudy – Been a Long Time
08 D1rty 50uth ft. Rudy – Let It Go
09 @fr0j@ck and the P@rty5qu@d – Drop Down (Do My Dance)
10 @tl@nt1c 0c3@n – Waterfall 2009 (G@r0t35 D3 Pr@1@ Vocal Radio Edit)
11 M@rk Kn1ght, Funk@g3nd@ – Man With The Red Face (Original Club Mix)
12 F@vr3tt0 – People of the Night
13 K1ck3n VS. Y@5c@ FT. N@d0 – Feel The Sunshine Summer Anthem 2008 (ExD.Mix)
14 C@rl05 51lv@ ft. N3l50n Fr31t@5 and Q – Plus-Cre Sabe 2008
15 M@rt1jn Ten V3ld3n & Luc13n F00rt – Bleeep! (Original Mix)
16 G1@nluc@ M0tt@ ft. M0lly – Not Alone
17 K@t0 – Are You Gonna Go My Way (Club Mix)
18 M0n05urr0und – Cocked, Locked, Ready To Rock (Summerized Original Mix)
19 B0b 51ncl@1r and 5t3v3 3dw@rd5 – Together
20 5h@r@m ft. D@n13l B3d1ngf13ld – The One
21 DJ Jurg3n – A Higher Love
22 L@t3 N1ght @lumn1 – Another Chance (K@5k@d3’s Homage To Roger Remix)
23 K@5k@d3 and D3@dm@us – Move for Me
24 DJ J053 – House of Justice 2008
25 53pt3mb3r – Can’t Get Over
26 M0nd0t3k – Alive (PH Electro Mix Radio)
27 L@ur3nt W0lf – Wash My World

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