Flashback MiX

A modern twist on some classic oldies from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s…Enjoy!

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o1. Like a Virgin (Vs F@tb0y 5l1m Vs 5ly & the F@m1ly 5t0n3) – M@d0nn@
o2. Kiss (Y2K MiX) – Pr1nc3
o3. Take On Me (Feelgood & D@v3 @ud3 Remix) – @-h@
o4. Everfighters – C@t35 & DPL
o5. Because The Night (T0mc@t Remix) – P@tt1 5m1th Gr0up
o6. Silent All These Years (Blu3 MiX) – T0r1 @m05
o7. Sweet Dreams 2009 (P@tt0 Remix) – 3urythm1c5
o8. Stand Back (Vocal Club Mix) – L1nu5 L0v35 Ft. 5@m 0b3rn1k
o9. Clothes Off (50ul 533k3rz Club Mix) – M1@m1 5t@rf15h Ft. J3rm@1n3 5t3w@rt
1o. Don’t You Want Me (3r1c Prydz MiX) – Hum@n L3@gu3
11. Careless Whisper 2009 (Qu@51 & J0hn M1ch@3l’s Tribal Mix) – G30rg3 M1ch@3l
12. Its Not Over Yet (Br0d1n5k1 Remix) – Kl@x0n5
13. Love Is A Battlefield (Jun10r’s FX MiX) – P@t B3n@t@r
14. Broken Wings (White Label Remix) – Mr M15t3r
15. Chorus (3l3ctr0n1c P3r10d1c Remix) – 3r@5ur3

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

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