Flashback – Part 2

Another Flashback MiX for you. This one took some time to complete, as I wanted to include a few of my own remix/mashes. So at long last, here is the result. These were songs & artists I had very fond memories of, growing up. I hope you enjoy these new interpretations!

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  1. Do U Really Want 2 Hurt Me? (Quivver MiX) – Cultur3 Club
  2. Rapture (Blu3 Mash MiX) – Bl0nd13
  3. Back 2 Life (Ar1 K@1ss3r1@n MiX) – 50ul II 50ul
  4. Like the Weather (Blu3 Mash MiX) – 1o,ooo M@n1@c5
  5. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (5unh1ll Pr0j3ct ReMiX) – Cynd1 L@up3r
  6. I Need a Man (Blu3 Mash MiX) – 3urythm1c5
  7. Fast Car (White Label Club ReMiX) – Tr@cy Ch@pm@n
  8. The Best Things/Never Get Old (Blu3 Mash MiX) – S1né@d 0’C0nn0r Vs. B3n M@ckl1n
  9. That’s What I Get (Computer Club’s President Emeritus ReMiX) – N1n3 1nch N@1l5
  10. Jolene (Divide & Kreate ReMiX) – D0lly P@rt0n
  11. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (J05h P@tr1ck ReMiX) – th3 5m1th5
  12. Father Figure (Blu3 Mash MiX) – G30rg3 M1ch@3l
  13. Sweet Lullaby (White Label MiX) – D33p F0r35t
  14. Don’t You Want Me? (Blu3 Mash MiX) – J0dy W@tl3y

80 Minutes MiXed by Blu3

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