Flashback 3

Flash back with me once again, won’t you? Here’s the third installment in my Flashback series, with more remixes from the 80’s and 90’s–and a few new mashups from me…
Hope you enjoy!

o1. Pump Up the Volume (L35 @d@m5 ReMiX)M@RR5
o2. Theme from 5-3xpr355 (B3n L13br@nd MiX w/eXtra Beats)5-3xpr355
o3. Break 4 Love (Spanish MiX w/eXtra Beats)R@z3
o4. Get Down Tonight (S0ulm@k3r’s ReMiX)5up@fly 1nc.
o5. Breakaway/Oh Yeah (Blu3 Mash MiX)B1g P1g Vs. Y3ll0
o6. Get Rhythm (Ph1l1p St31r ReMiX)J0hnny C@5h
o7. Twist In My Sobriety (T1k@r@mp Vocal MiX)T@n1t@ T1k@r@m
o8. Show Me Love (@l1 P@y@m1 ReMiX)M0b1n M@5t3r feat. R0b1n 5.
o9. Show Me Love (J0hn P0pp0 12” MiX)R0byn
1o. Don’t Stop Believin’ (2009 DJ T3v@ Sunday Club Rework)J0urn3y
11. What Is Love 2009 (B0dyb@ng3r5 ReMiX)Kl@@5 meets H@dd@w@y
12. Touch Me (Touch of Blu3 MiX)S@m@nth@ F0x
13. Enjoy the Silence 2009 (F3rnh@t Pr0j3ct ReMiX)D3p3ch3 M0d3
14. Ain’t Nobody Better (Gr00v3 C0rp0r@t10n ReMiX w/eXtra Beats)1nn3r C1ty
15. Sweet, Sweet Everybody (Blu3 Mash MiX)M@d0nn@ Vs. 3r@5ur3

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Link (Mediafire)


Download Mirrors (Multiupload)

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