So, here we have a MiX of some old and new stuff. I really like how this one flows, hope you enjoy it too!

o1. 53r1@l Thr1ll@ – Get Up (Edit)
o2. R0b B@53 & 3Z R0ck – It Takes Two (J@50n N3v1n5 ReMiX)
o3. M@d0nn@ – Celebration (J0hnny V1c10u5 Club MiX)
o4. DJ Chu5 Pres. the Gr00v3 F0und@t10n – That Feeling (Chr15 S0ul NY MiX)
o5. 5n@p – Rhythm Is a Dancer (2oo9 @rm@nd V@n H3ld3n ReMiX)
o6. N3w 0rd3r – Blue Monday (Fr33m@50n’s ReMiX)
o7. Kurd M@v3r1ck & 5@m 0b3rn1k – Love Emergency (L0ry B Guru MiX)
o8. Fr@nk13 G035 t0 H0llyw00d – Relax (2oo9 LMC ReMiX)
o9. K1ng5 0f L30n – Use Somebody (Ju5t1n 5@n3 Vs. Kyl3 B0urk3 MiX)
1o. 3urythm1c5 – Here Comes the Rain Again (2oo9 Emotional Landscaper Mashup)
11. D3p3ch3 M0d3 – Perfect (R@lph1 & J0dy D3n Br03d3r Club MiX)
12. Sunl0v3rz – Now That We Found Love (Main MiX)
13. M@r1@h C@r3y – I Want to Know What Love Is (Ch3w Fu Club MiX)
14. C@thy D3nn1s Vs. Blu3 – Touch Me (2oo9 D@v3 @udé Style Mashup)

79 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Link (Mediafire)


Download Mirrors (Multiupload)

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