This was supposed to be an uplifting mix for the New Year, but the over all tone still ended up feeling kind of somber and grey to me…at any rate, mostly newish songs in this one–hope you enjoy!

o1. C@lv1n H@rr15 – Flashback (3r1c Prydz ReMiX)
o2. 3urythm1c5 Vs. Blu3 – Brand New Day (Brand New Beats MiX)
o3. K@5k@d3 & 53@mu5 H@j1 (feat. H@l3y) – So Far Away
o4. Mus3 – Undisclosed Desires (Th1n Wh1t3 Duk3 MiX)
o5. B3nt – Beautiful Otherness (T0m M1ddl3t0n ReMiX)
o6. @ndr3w Sp3nc3r – Stop Loving You (Extended MiX)
o7. Hurt5 – Wonderful Life (@rthur B@k3r ReMiX)
o8. B0y G30rg3 (feat. @n@ L@1n5) – Amazing Grace (M@rc V3d0 MiX)
o9. D33p Z0n3 (feat. C3yb1l J3ff3r135) – It’s Gonna Be Alright (R.O.N.N. & Th1c3 5@nt0r0 Vocal MiX)
1o. 5p3nc3r & H1ll – Young Love
11. J35 – Lovesong (C0sm1c G@t3 ReMiX)
12. D3p3ch3 M0d3 – Fragile Tension (Kr15 M3n@c3 Universe ReMiX)
13. V15@g3 – Fade to Grey (M1ch@3l Gr@y ReMiX)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Link (Mediafire)


Download Mirrors (Multiupload)

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