Some more new stuff for ya; kind of a similar vibe to my Fool’s Journey MiX, I think…
An unofficial sequel, if you will–Enjoy!

o1. Do It With Me (@v1c11 Remix) – @u5t1n L33d5 & 3t13nn3 0sb0urn3 (feat. 5t3v3 B3rtr@nd)
o2. Step By Step (Pr0k & F1tch Vocal Mix) – L@1db@ck Luk3 & Gr3g0r 5@lt0 (feat. M@v15 @cqu@h)
o3. Resistance (T135t0 Remix) – Mu53
o4. Bullet Proof – R@y M@ng (feat. L@dy M155 K13r)
o5. Every Other Way (@rm1n V@n Buur3n Remix) – B† (feat. J35)
o6. Fall Into Me (M@rc0 P@55@r@n1 Remix) – Fuckp0ny (feat. Ch3l@ 51m0n3 & L@1l@ T0v)
o7. Come Get My Lovin’ (D@nn1 M@t1n & C@rl05 M3nd35 Remix) – P@ul G@rdn3r & Hugh Gunn3ll (feat. M@rc3ll@ W00d5)
o8. Rocket (T135t0 Remix) – G0ldfr@pp
o9. U Can Dance (K1kum0t0 @ll5t@r5 Most Excellent Remix) – DJ H3ll (feat. Bry@n F3rry)
1o. Feel The Rhythm (DJ P13tr0 B3rt1 Remix) – M@v1 Vs. Dr1v3r5p33d
11. Wear It Out (D1rty Fr33k Remix) – D15c0 B00t5
12. We Are Family (Original Mix/Edited) – L35 5chm1tz & @l3x D3l @m0
13. Shooting Stars (Kr15 M3n@c3 Remix) – B@g R@1d3r5
14. Ashk (Extended Mix) – M1n1m@l15t1x
15. Memories (B1ng0 Pl@y3r5 Remix) – D@v1d Gu3tt@ (feat. K1d Cud1)
16. The Way That You Are (D@v1 Remix/Edited) – 33lk3 Kl31jn

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3
130 BPM

Download Links (Multiupload)

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