A MiX of old and new stuff I’ve found over the past few weeks…including 2 miXes from Max Sanna & Steve Pitron–Really loving their work lately! Enjoy…

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01. T1g3r & Dr@g0n – The Dream 2010 (N13l5 V@n G0gh Edit)
02. Fl0r3nc3 + the M@ch1n3 – Dog Days Are Over (M@x S@nn@ & St3v3 P1tr0n Mainroom MiX)
03. B0y G30rg3 – Amazing Grace (F1l0 & P3r1 Tech Workout Edit)
04. P0rt15h3@d – Roads (5ult@n & T0n3D3pth Edit)
05. P@ul H@rr15 feat. 3urythm1c5 – I Want You (M@x S@nn@ & 5t3v3 P1tr0n Edit)
06. N1n3 1nch N@1l5 – The Perfect Drug (Cut & Run MiX + extra Beats)
07. @l@n Pr1d3 & J3r3my K@ll5 – Feel Alone 2010 (Syskey RemiX)
08. Bj0rk – I Miss You (D@rk J3d1 MiX)
09. L@1db@ck Luk3 feat. J0n@th@n M3nd3l50hn – Till Tonight (Original MiX)
10. 3ll13 G0uld1ng – Starry Eyed (@n21 & M@x V@ng3l1 RemiX)
11. R0g3r 5@nch3z – 2Gether (Original MiX)
12. K3l15 – Acapella (Twisted D33 Club MiX)
13. F@1thl355 – Not Going Home (3r1c Prydz RemiX)
14. M@d0nn@ – Liquid Love (DJ M0r@15 Private Club MiX)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3
130 BPM

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