Are You Ready To Fall?

I threw a little bit of everything into this mix and after many revisions, I’m finally satisfied with the final tracklist and the way it all turned out…I hope you enjoy it too!

Are You Ready To Fall?

  1. Give Me Something (Jun10r B0y5 RemiX) – Y0k0 0n0
  2. Beyond the Dance (The R3v3ng3 Demo MiX) – J03y N3gr0
  3. I Feel Love (P@n T0n3 Sweaty Hands RemiX) – Gu1 B0r@tt0
  4. Crave You (Bx3ntr1c RemiX) – Fl1ght F@c1l1t135
  5. Dancing On My Own (Ch3w Fu RemiX) – R0byn
  6. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (@r13l P3r@zz0l1 RemiX) – R3tr0d@nc3
  7. Jealous of My Boogie (M@cutch1’s W1z@rd Sl33v3) – RuP@ul
  8. Will You Be There (53@mu5 H@j1 Love Club MiX) – @ndy B3ll
  9. Cosmic Jive (Weren’t No DJ) – C05m0 Bl@ck feat. D@v1d B0w13
  10. Who’s That Girl – 5h3 15 D@ng3r
  11. Under My Dub (T0dd T3rj3 RemiX) – R0ll1ng 5t0n35
  12. Tom’s Diner (Original MiX) – B1ng0 Pl@y3r5
  13. Hold That Sucker Down (Vocal MiX) – J3r0m3 15m@-@3
  14. Look Me In the Eye Sister (Urch1n5 Remix) – Gr00v3 @rm@d@
  15. Just a Little More Love (Wh3l@n & D1 5c@l@ T3rr@c3 MiX) – D@v1d Gu3tt@
  16. Better Than Love (L1ght50v3rl@ RemiX) – Hurt5

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

You can preview the entire MiX on MixCloud!

Download Links (Multiupload)

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