The Push + The Pull

I didn’t intend to post another session so soon after my last one, but so many good songs fell into my lap this week, including new tracks from Florence and the Machine, Jody Watley, J-Lo, Grace Jones, and yet another great remix of the new Robyn single–so I had no choice, hehe…Enjoy!

The Push + The Pull

  1. Clap Your Hands (D1pl0 RemiX) – 51@
  2. Tonight’s the Night (MdCL RemiX) – M@rk D3 Cl1v3-L0w3 feat. J0dy W@tl3y
  3. Pump Up the Jam (Da Fresh Goes to Miami Bootleg) – T3chn0tr0n1c
  4. Things Can Only Get Better (Club MiX) – Kn1ght5h0ck
  5. Cosmic Love (M0rg@n P@g3 Bootleg) – Fl0r3nc3 and the M@ch1n3
  6. On the Radio (Extended) – J3nn1f3r Lop3z & D@v1d Gu3tt@
  7. Good Life – G33n3u5 feat. K@ty B
  8. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy (M1ghtyf00l5 RemiX) – R0d 5t3w@rt
  9. Push It (Electro D33j@y RemiX) – 5@lt -n- P3p@
  10. Psycho Killer (L3x1c0n @v3nu3 RemiX) – T@lk1ng H3@d5
  11. Love You to Life (P1tr0n & 5@nn@ RemiX) – Gr@c3 J0n35
  12. Lithium – @lt3r3d Gr00v35
  13. Here I Am (50ul5h@k3r Club MiX) – 3r1c Kupp3r & P3yt0n
  14. Dancing On My Own (Buzz Junk135 Club MiX) – R0byn

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Links (Multiupload)

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2 responses to “The Push + The Pull

  • sanmarino

    Hi Blu3! Great site!!! I already added your site to my cool links section. I’m listening to this mix as I type… Wow, it’s mind blowing material!!! It’s so eclectic and still contains some of my personal favorites at the same time. Thank U! You got me at the first listen! I’ll be your faithful visitor from now on. Keep on the good job, B! Have a great weekend… I’ll be back! 😉

  • blu3am3r1can

    Hey sanmarino, thanks so much! Appreciate the kind words! And thanks for the link! 🙂 Have a great weekend too!

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