Flashback 4

Yes, it’s that time again…the summer is finally upon us, which means it’s high time for another flashback mix! This session gave me a lot of grief…I started and stopped it many times,  because it just never felt special enough for me. Finally, I got inspired to do some new mashup mixes and that rekindled my interest in finishing the session. So here it is, hope you have more fun listening to it than I did making it–hehe.

FlashBack MiX – Volume 4

  1. D1v1n3 – Step By Step (H1v3r & H@mm3r MiX)
  2. G30rg3 M1ch@3l Vs. R@lph1 R05ar10 – Brinca Sex (Blu3 Mash MiX)
  3. B7ur – Girls & Boys (P5B MiX)
  4. P3t 5h0p B0y5 w/Du5ty 5pr1ngf13ld – What Have I Done To Deserve This (P3tt1b0n3 MiX)
  5. N3w 0rd3r – True Faith (Ph1ll1p St31r Club MiX)
  6. Pr3tty P0150n – Catch Me I’m Falling (Dance MiX)
  7. Sh31l@ 3. w/Pr1nc3 – Love Bizarre (LP Edit)
  8. V@n1ty 6 Vs. JJ R0m3ro – Nasty Girl (Blu3’s Drums + The Siren MiX)
  9. M@d0nn@ Vs. K3l15 – Lucky Star (Blu3’s 4th of July MiX)
  10. L3nny Kr@v1tz – Are You Gonna Go My Way (L@1db@ck Luk3 ReMiX)
  11. 0l1v1@ N3wt0n-J0hn – Xanadu (Th33 W3rq’n B!tch35 Innuendo MiX)
  12. Ut@h 5@1nt5 – Something Good (35qu1r3 ReMiX)
  13. L3d Z3pp3l1n – Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (D1rty S0uth MiX)
  14. T3@r5 F0r F3@r5 – Shout (Dutch Sound Invasion Vs. French House Connection ReMiX)
  15. K1m W1ld3 – You Came (DJ B@c0n Inspiration ReMiX)
  16. D3bb13 G1b50n Vs. Ju@nj0 M@rt1n & J@v1 R31n@ – Only In My Dreams (Blu3’s Living Sensation MiX)
  17. D3@d Or @l1v3 – You Spin Me Round (Punx Soundcheck Vs. Pr1nc355 Jul1@ MiX)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Links (Multiupload)

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