High Times MiX

Back again with another MiX of mostly new stuff–the best of what I’ve found over the past month, including new tracks from Tracey Thorn & Faithless, the return of Samantha Fox, and a double dose of Kelis–whose new album is really good, btw–I highly recommend it!

Wanna Get High?

  1. K3l15 – 4th of July (R1ch@rd X RemiX)
  2. G0ldfr@pp – Alive (@rn0 C05t MiX)
  3. B00g13 P1mp5 – All Day and All of the Night (5t@ff0rd Br0th3r5 RemiX)
  4. N1rv@n@ – Rape Me (DJ R3l1m3 Dub MiX)
  5. B0b 51ncl@r – Ich Rocke (T0c@d15c0 Remix)
  6. R1ch@rd V15510n Vs. D@v1d B0w13 – Let’s Dance (RV MiX)
  7. F@1thl355 – Tweak Your Nipple (T135t0 RemiX)
  8. S@m@nth@ F0x & 5@br1n@ 5@l3rn0 – Call Me (@ndr3@ T. M3nd0z@ Vs. T1b3t Y35 Club MiX)
  9. @TFC feat. L15@ M1ll3tt – Bad Habit (Un3r RemiX)
  10. Tr@c3y Th0rn – Why Does the Wind (@ndr3 L0d3m@nn RemiX)
  11. Gr00v3 @rm@d@ – I Won’t Kneel (Tr3@5ur3 F1ng3r5 Epicwave MiX)
  12. N3w 0rd3r – Blue Monday 2010 (Bruck3n Space Odyssey MiX)
  13. G1@n0 & N1n@ 51m0n3 – Feelin Good
  14. B3nny B3n@551 feat. K3l15 – Spaceship (Extended MiX)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3
130 BPM

Download Links (Multiupload)

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