The Eternal MiX

Well, after an “eternity” tweaking and revising this session, I’m finally ready to post it.  I don’t know why I struggled so much with this one, maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist and things never quite seem like they’re finished. At any rate, some really good tunes in this one, including: new Kelis, Robyn, Hurts & Florence miXes, a great track from 4 Strings featuring Samantha Fox, the new Groove Armada single featuring Will Young, and a solo demo from Groove Armada vocalist SaintSaviour—that’s really good! Enjoy!

The Eternal MiX

  1. K@5k@d3 feat. Dr@g0n3tt3 – Fire In Your New Shoes (Extended MiX)
  2. H0w T0 D35tr0y @ng3l5 – Fur-Lined (Session MiX)
  3. 5@1nt5@v10ur – This Ain’t No Hymn (Session MiX)
  4. T1g@ – What You Need (Cr@1g W1ll1@m5 ReMiX)
  5. K3l15 – 4th of July (5@ul Ru15 Club MiX)
  6. 4 5tr1ng5 feat. 5@m@nth@ F0x – Forever (Extended MiX)
  7. R0byn – None of Dem (J@y L@m@r & J3553 0l1v3r MiX)
  8. Hurt5 – Wonderful Life (Fr33m@50n5 Club MiX)
  9. Ch1c@n3 – Come Back (Club MiX)
  10. R3dr0ch3 & 0l@v B@505ki feat. @m@nd@ W1l50n – Not Over You (1dr155 Ch3b@k ReMiX)
  11. L@1db@ck Luk3 & Gr3g0r 5@lt0 feat. M@v15 @cqu@h – Shine Your Light (P3r Qx ReMiX)
  12. Gr00v3 @rm@d@ – History (T0m Budd3n MiX)
  13. M@n0 L3 T0ugh – Baby, Let’s Love (1r0n Curt15 ReMiX)
  14. M00d II Sw1ng – Move Me (Alternative MiX)
  15. Fl0r3nc3 and the M@ch1n3 – Cosmic Love (Short Club MiX)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Links (Multiupload)

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