A nice “slowbeats” MiX this time, with some great “Alternative” dance tracks from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Enjoy!


  1. Come Together (F@rl3y MiX) – Pr1m@l Scr3@m
  2. Connected (Disconnected) – 5t3r30 MC’5
  3. Sour Times (Lot More) – P0rt15h3@d
  4. Keep On Movin’ (Dub/New York MiX) – 50ul II 50ul
  5. Birthday (Ju5t1n R0b3rt50n MiX) – 5ug@rcub35
  6. 6 Underground (N3ll33 H00p3r Dub) – 5n3@k3rp1mp5
  7. Nothing (Zip Hop MiX) – D3p3ch3 M0d3
  8. Bad, Bad Boys (Club MiX) – M1d1, M@x1 & 3ft1
  9. (I Want Your) Hands On Me (Street MiX) – 51n3@d 0’C0nn0r + MC Lyt3
  10. Hello (‘Ello, ‘Ello MiX) – The B3l0v3d
  11. Paradise (R0n1n ReMiX) – 5@d3
  12. Fascination Street (Extended ReMiX) – The Cur3
  13. Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart (Tibeten 12” MiX) – Jul33 Cru153
  14. I’m Free (Freedom ReMiX) – The 50up Dr@g0n5
  15. Step On (Twistin’ My Mellon MiX) – H@ppy M0nd@y5
  16. Get the Message (DNA Sin MiX) – 3l3ctr0n1c
  17. Going South (@p0ll0 440 MiX) – W0lfg@ng Pr355

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Links (Multiupload)

About blu3am3r1can

One response to “DowntempoRetro

  • Cinder Van Digweed

    I Flew back to time thru all this session, it reminded me of those alternative times vogueing in USA… when i could see this psychedelic videos in a channel of my local tv cable provider.. 😛 its good to realize i wasnt that crazy to love this weird but good songs.
    I think this might be one of your very best personalized sessions, one of your favorite ones, due to your huge prefference in this alternative genre…
    A delightfull session, like all of yours 😀 Hug.

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