CVD Lime

CVD Lime Cover [800x600]

A compilation from a classic Canadian duo from the 80’s, bringing back memories and wishing time could stand still.

CVD Lime

1.- True Surrendered Love
2.- Cutie Pie (Remix)
3.- Say You Love Me
4.- Together
5.- Give Me Your Body
6.- You’re My Magician
7.- Angel Eyes (Remix)
8.- I Don’t Wanna Lose You
9.- Take It Up
10.- Guilty
11.- Unexpected Lovers
12.- My Love
13.- It’s You
14.- Come and get your love (Remix)
15.- Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonite
16.- No Other Love (I Need It Bad) [Underground Mix]
17.- Your Love (Remix)
18.- Wake Dream (Remix)

Running Time: 80 min
Mixed by: Cinder Van Digweed

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About cindervandigweed

Tonny Dj using a self created id as a dj, maybe ill explain later where this id came from... however seems pretty obvious View all posts by cindervandigweed

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