A new mix to satisfy your hunger for delicious choons, let’s eat!


  1. @d3l3 – Set Fire To The Rain (Pl@5t1c Pl@t35 Remix)
  2. Cl@r3 M@gu1r3 – The Shield And The Sword (@m@t3ur B35t Mix)
  3. B3th D1tt0 – I Wrote The Book (Pr0m0l1ft Extended Mix)
  4. G30rg3 M1ch@3l – True Faith (N@th@n J@y Chilled House Remix)
  5. D3p3ch3 M0d3 – Personal Jesus (3r1c Prydz Remix)
  6. F3n3ch-50l3r – Stop And Stare (T0ny 53ngh0r3 Vocal Mix)
  7. Dur@n Dur@n – Hungry Like The Wolf (J03l D1ck1n50n Club Anthem Mix)
  8. Lykk3 L1 – Sadness Is A Blessing (G0ld P@nd@ Remix)
  9. R0byn – Call Your Girlfriend (K@5k@d3 Club Mix)
  10. Th3 Cur3 – Lovesong (J05h P@tr1ck Remix)
  11. M0by – The Day (L1f3l1k3 Remix)
  12. J@c3 3v3r3tt – Bad Things (Du5t1n Sk1l35 Remix)
  13. Gr@c3 J0n35 – Pull Up To The Bumper (T1nm@n Mix)
  14. V1ct0r C@ld3r0n3 – Pleasure Grip (Edit)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

Download Links (Multiupload)

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