CVD – Tonight!


  1. RuP@ul – Glamazon
  2. 3nr1qu3 1gl351@5 Feat. Lud@cr15 & DJ Fr@nk 3 – Tonight (I’m Fuckin You)
  3. R0byn – Call Your Girlfriend (K@5k@d3 Club Remix/CVD Edit)
  4. R1h@nn@ – Only Girl In the World (CVD X-tra Tribal Beats)
  5. 1NX5 (feat. R0b Th0m@5) – Original Sin (R@lph1 R05@r10 & Cr@1g J Remix)
  6. K3lly R0wl@nd Feat. D@v1d Gu3tt@ – Commander (M@x S@nn@ & St3v3 P1tr0n Club Mix)
  7. Ch3l@ R1v@5 & T0ny D@rk 3. B@1l@nd0 – (F.V@l3ncy & 3du@rd0 G Legal Vox Mix )
  8. Br1tn3y Sp3@r5 – Till The World Ends (0ff3r N1551m Remix)
  9. R1h@nn@ – S&M (L0u15 T Bad Girl Tribal Mix)
  10. L@dy G@g@ – The Edge Of Glory (@l@n L1@0 Tribal)
  11. T135t0 – Escape Me (@l3x G@ud1n0 & J@50n R00n3y Remix)
  12. 5t3v13 N1ck5 – Moonlight (My Vampire´s Dream)(CVD Mix)
  13. D0lby’5 Cub3 & T@t@ V3g@ – I’m On My Way (Cinder´s Tribal Remix 3)
  14. @fr0j@ck feat. 3v@ 51m0n5 – Take Over Control (Tr1l0gy Pr0j3ct Mix)
  15. 0n0 – Move On Fast (Y1@nn15 Acceleration Club Mix)
  16. @l3x1@ – Number One (5@nty L@f0nt3 Remix)
  17. @d3l3 Vs. R0b1n 5 – Show Me In The Deep (DJs From M@r5 Bootleg)
  18. Chr15t1@n F@lk feat. R0byn – Remember (Blu3’s ‘Lil Tweaker Boy’ Mix)

80 Minutes
Mixed By: Cinder Van Digweed

Download Links (Multiupload)

About cindervandigweed

Tonny Dj using a self created id as a dj, maybe ill explain later where this id came from... however seems pretty obvious View all posts by cindervandigweed

2 responses to “CVD – Tonight!

  • claudia

    Tony I love you, thank you for your friendship that will never die.
    you are the best!!
    thank you for the soooooo many memories!
    but you know they are all about you!
    what about ‘Heart’? All I want to do…?

  • cindervandigweed

    it is in one of my sessions called: “Rock, pop, love pt.2”
    Thanx for the comments! i love you too 😉

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