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Flashback 5

Time to flashback once again to the 80’s and 90’s hits you know and love! Enjoy…

Flashback 5

  1. P1x1es – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Chris & Kai Mix)
  2. B0nn1e Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart (Total Blackout Mix)
  3. Kate Bu5h – This Woman’s Work (Parker Remix)
  4. V1n1lfreaker Vs Fr1da – Something Going On (Stargroove Mix)
  5. Cynd1 Laup3r – When U Were Mine (Union City Blu3 Mix)
  6. M@d0nna – Borderline (Blu3’s Push Mix)
  7. Gr@ce J0nes & Envy – My Jamaican Guy (Aspirins For My Children Mix)
  8. D3peche M0de – Behind the Wheel (Vince Clarke Remix)
  9. Queen Lat1fah Vs S1m1an M0b1le D1sc0 – UNITY (Blu3’s Cruel Intentions Mix)
  10. Pr1nc3 – Alphabet Street (DJP Remix)
  11. Talk1ng Head5 – Burning Down the House (Zambon & Mental Rework)
  12. J0dy W@tley – Still a Thrill (Extended Version)
  13. 1NX5 – Need You Tonight (Mendelsohn Mix)
  14. Ann1e Lenn0x – Why (Blu3 Funk Mix)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

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