Annie Lennox/Eurythmics – The Delicious MiX

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some changes to the blog, as all filesharing links are now in jeopardy of being removed as soon as they’re posted, sessions will now be shared via Mixcloud. Unfortunately they don’t offer a way to download the sessions, but if you use Firefox with the FlashGot add-on, you can easily download them that way. 😉


1. Pavement Cracks (Goldtrix Vocal Mix) – Annie Lennox
2. Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Remix) – Eurythmics
3. Little Bird (Bobby Cooper 2010 Club Mix) – Annie Lennox
4. Sweet Dreams (Steve Angello Remix) – Eurythmics
5. Legend In My Living Room (Christian Pistorius Club Mix) – Annie Lennox
6. Big Sky (Blu3 Mash Mix) – Annie Lennox
7. Brand New Day (Brand New Beats Mix) – Eurythmics Vs Blu3am3r1can
8. Coloured Bedspread (Blu3 Mash Mix) – Annie Lennox
9. This City Never Sleeps (Blu3am3r1can Edit) – Eurythmics
10. I’ve Got a Life (David Guetta & Joachin Garraud Remix) – Eurythmics
11. Into The West (Life In Intense Volume Remix) – Annie Lennox
12. Wonderful (Sander Kleinenberg Vocal Mix) – Annie Lennox
13. I Need A Man (Blu3 Mash Mix) – Eurythmics
14. I Want You (Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Mix) – Eurythmics Vs Paul Harris
15. Ghosts In My Machine (Blu3’s Tribal Tension MiX)
16. 1000 Beautiful Things (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix) – Annie Lennox
17. Sing (Dean Coleman Mix) – Annie Lennox
18. 17 Again (Peter Rauhofer Mix) – Eurythmics

Check out my Soundcloud for some downloadable remixes used in my sessions.

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