Sinead O’Connor – The Blu3 MiX

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some changes to the blog, as all filesharing links are now in jeopardy of being removed as soon as they’re posted, sessions will now be shared via Mixcloud. Unfortunately they don’t offer a way to download the sessions, but if you use Firefox with the FlashGot add-on, you can easily download them that way. ;)


1. Feel So Different (Blu3’s Retro Beat MiX)
2. The Best Things/Never Get Old (Blu3 Mash MiX) [Vs Ben Macklin]
3. Jump In the River (Blu3’s Supper Club MiX)
4. All Apologies (Blu3 Mash MiX)
5. I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got (Blu3’s Bread of Life MiX)
6. Hand On Me (Blu3’s Simplicity MiX)
7. Sorrow (Blu3’s Symbiosis MiX)
8. Troy (Blu3’s Extended Edit)
9. Take Off Your Shoes (Blu3’s Alt MiX)
10. Jerusalem (Blu3’s Live On the Letters MiX)

Check out my Soundcloud for some downloadable remixes used in my sessions.


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