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An uptempo MiX this time around, featuring more great retro tracks from the late 80’s and 90’s! This session is dedicated to my friend Lisa, who always points me in the direction of great music from back in the day—that I either forgot about or missed completely the first time around… Enjoy!


  1. Little Bird (Ut@h 5@1nt5 Version) – @nn13 L3nn0x
  2. Where Do I Begin (A C0pyc@t RemiX) – The Ch3m1c@l Br0th3r5
  3. Violently Happy (LP Version) – Bj0rk
  4. Papua New Guinea (Original 12”) – Futur3 50und 0f L0nd0n
  5. Atom Bomb (Atomix 3) – Fluk3
  6. I Feel It (Synthe MiX) – M0by
  7. Heat It Up (Acid House RemiX) – W33 P@p@ G1rl R@pp3r5
  8. No Good (Da Fresh Boot) – Pr0d1gy
  9. The Only One I Know (3lr0y J@ck0n’s Beat 3000 MiX) – Ch@rl@t@n5 UK
  10. Down By The Water (Session MiX) – PJ H@rv3y
  11. I Wanna Be Adored (R@bb1t 1n Th3 M00n RemiX) – 5t0n3 R0535
  12. Atomic ’98 (T@ll P@ul RemiX) – Bl0nd13
  13. Move Any Mountain (B3@tm@5t3r5 12” MiX) – The 5h@m3n
  14. Chorus (Agressive Trance MiX) – 3r@5ur3
  15. Good Life (Unity RemiX) – 1nn3r City

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

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