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It’s been a while since my last session…things have been a little “mad” around here, I guess you could say–hehe. Anyway, lots of different styles in this one, so I hope you enjoy!

It’s a Mad World…

  1. Mad World (D’n’B RemiX – Edit) – G@ry Jul35
  2. Scribble (N3t5ky RemiX) – Und3rw0rld
  3. I Follow Rivers (The M@g1c1@n RemiX) – Lykk3 L1
  4. Million Miles (@l1x @lv@r3z MiX) – H3@th3r J0hn50n
  5. Feeling You (H3nr1k 5chw@rz RemiX) – 0m@r
  6. You Got Heart (Blu3am3r1can Mashup) – T@yl0r D@yn3 Vs. Fl0r3nc3/T0m M1ddl3t0n
  7. Fade Away (51lv3r C1ty 5p@c3 MiX) – P’t@@h
  8. Without Me (Ed1t) – T3v0 H0w@rd feat. Tr@c3y Th0rn
  9. Demons (J0k3r5 0f th3 5c3n3 RemiX) – F3n3ch-50l3r
  10. Times and Places – @ndy C@t0
  11. This Ain’t No Hymn (M1l0 F1r3w@t3r RemiX) – 5@1nt 5@v10ur
  12. Indestructible (L@53rkr@ft 3D RemiX) – R0byn
  13. Someone Like You (35qu1r3 Vs. 0ffb3@t RemiX) – @d3l3
  14. Be the One – M0by
  15. The Journey – Part 1 (Excerpt) – @ud10
  16. Mad World (D’n’B RemiX – Reprise) – G@ry Jul35

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

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