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Paying tribute to one of my favorite bands, Nine Inch Nails! Enjoy…

Nine Inch MiX

  1. closer (deviation)
  2. god given (stephen morris/gillian gilbert mix)
  3. down in it (shred)
  4. last (butch vig mix)
  5. burn (you stupid b1tch)
  6. self destruction (part 2)
  7. in this twilight (akira zero dark night mix)
  8. ruiner (clouser mix)
  9. heresy (clouser mix)
  10. head like a hole (opal)
  11. happiness in slavery (pk slavery mix)
  12. all the love in the world (binary audio mix)
  13. the hand that feeds (k.o. anthem mix)
  14. sin (long)
  15. only (richard x mix)
  16. right where it belongs (john ’00’ fleming/digital blonde mix)
  17. something i can never have (plump dj’s mix)
  18. the perfect drug (binary audio mix)
  19. gave up (fixed)
  20. wish (fixed)
  21. march of the pigs (tweaker ray remix)

80 Minutes
MiXed by Blu3

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